Why Us
By utilizing our services, this frees you up to:
  • Utilize onsite employees for hands on job duties.
  • Speed up your billing process.
  • Reduce payroll and benefit expenses.  This includes overtime, workers' compensation costs, unemployment contributions, vacation compensation, sick time, and health benefits. 
  • Eliminate idle or "down" time.   Even when your work is slow, an in-house employee gets paid a salary just for being there.  Pay only for what you need when you utilize our services!
  • Control costs by reducing operating expenses and avoiding capital investment expenditures, such as business liability insurance, computers and equipment, office furniture and supplies, space needs, etc.
  • Focus on your business.  Utilizing our services allows you the freedom to concentrate your energy directly into your business.
Medical Transcription
Phone:  800-546-5633 ext. 708
Fax:  646-349-1404
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